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Soda collectibles of all sorts and brands such as Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Royal Crown, etc. Please note that Coca Cola items have their own department which is listed on the button menu on the left side of this page. All items guaranteed vintage and dealer prices.
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#SOZ106 - 7Up You Like It.....  It Likes You Menu Sheet
Vintage 9" tall 7up menu sheet. Pictures the bottle and logo "You Like It....  It Likes You". This slogan was used  from 1936 into the early 50s, so these are hard to date exactly. Gauging by the paper they were wrapped in, I'd say 1940s is probably right. These menu sheets were given away by local plants for restaurants to use, and of course had 7Up advertising on them. These are unused old plant stock in excellent condition.

#SOZ107 - Take the Pepsi Challenge Decal
Vintage 4" diameter peel off back decal. The decals are good and still work. Says "Catch the Pepsi Spirit" "Take the Pepsi Challenge". These are from the mid to late 1970s when Pepsi set up blind tests all across the country to challenge you to decide whether you liked Coke or Pepsi better. These are unused old plant stock in excellent condition.

#SOZ036 -  Dr. Pepper Carton Insert

Vintage 8" tall carton insert. Dated 1963 and has a 10 cents off offer.


#SOZ048 - Early Tab Six Bottle Carton - Coca Cola Mark
Vintage six bottle cardboard Tab carton. Unused stock from a plant down South. There are marked "A product of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company" and have the old logo (the "a" in the center was this style when Tab was introduced) dating them to around the introduction in 1963. Tab was introduced by Coca Cola to compete with Diet Rite which was having some success at that time. A really scarce carton in nice unused condition. Few collectors will have this one. Pictured unfolded.

#TM035 - Full Unused Pack of  More Bounce to the Ounce Pepsi Matches
Vintage full pack front cover strikers from the 1950s. Says "More Bounce to the Ounce", and "Pepsi-Cola" on the bottle cap pictured. Excellent unused condition from an old soda plant. These sell for $6 - $8 apiece on Ebay in this kind of condition.

#SOP009 - Pepsi Cup with Repeating Logo
Vintage 3 3/4" tall cup with repeating Pepsi logo running all around the cup. Nice shape. Unused stock from an old bottling plant in excellent condition. From the 1960s.

#SOZ037 -  Squirt Glow-Ball Advertising Napkin
Vintage Squirt advertising napkin. 5" wide. Great graphics. Pictures a round headed Squirt guy and a weight lifter and and says "Squirt and Whiskey" and "Glow-Ball". Dated 1954. Unused old stock in great condition. These are uncommon.

#ZZSOP013 - 1960s Pepsi Payroll Check
Neat vintage 6 1/2" wide Pepsi payroll checks found in the old Pepsi bottling plant in Selma, NC. Has a picture of a bottle cap with the single dot logo. Nice condition. Dated in the 1960s.

#SOZ060  - Pepsi Cola Door/Window Decal - Taste That Winning Taste
Vintage 6 1/4" tall Pepsi decal that was made to be put on a glass door or window. They have vinyl backing that peels off and are in near perfect condition. The logo "It's Pepsi... Taste that Winning Taste" was used off and on between 1975 and 1981 so they are from that time period. The "Winning Taste" refers to the Pepsi Challenge in 1975 when Pepsi beat Coke. It tells info about what 7UP is. Old stock in excellent unused condition from an old soda plant. They still work very well.

#SOZ067  - Old Waxed Pepsi Cup
Vintage 3 3/4" tall waxed Pepsi cup (both sides pictured). This logo was used from the late 1960s into the 70s, so they are from that time period. Nice unused condition from an old soda plant.

#SOZ055  - Early Tab Coupon
Vintage 6 1/4" wide coupon for a free 6 bottle carton of Tab. The carton and bottles pictured are from the Tab introduction in the mid 1960s. They are marked "Coca-Cola Bottling Corp. of Bakersfield" Bakersfield, California. We just bought part of a huge collection of Coke items. These were part of that lot too. The fellow that had this stuff is a friend who searched old bottling plants and hauled most of this stuff out many years ago.

#SOZ089 - Harmony Club Beverages Cardboard 6 Bottle Carrier - Dancing Girl
Click on the picture to see how great these really are. Vintage 7" wide Harmony Club Beverages 6 bottle carrier from the 1950s. Patriotic colors with a scantily clad dancing girl and silhouette of a piano player. Risque for the time. They are in excellent unused condition. These were found at the plant in Cleveland, Ohio many years ago. They came from the estate of friend and famous dealer, Bob Secrist.

#SOZ105 - The "Great Root Bear" A & W Root Beer Mascot Advertising Bib - As low as 50¢ each
Vintage large 12" tall advertising bib giveaway featuring the A & W root beer mascot "The Great Root Bear". They are also marked "Copyright A & W International 1978". The bib has a pocket at the bottom to catch food and ties at the top. 1978 was the year A & W standardized their menus at franchises and started using the bear mascot in the United States (he was a couple of years earlier in Canada). These early Root Bear items are very scarce. His run as the chain mascot lasted all the way into the late 1990s. These are unused old stock in near perfect condition. We bought these right, and passing quite a deal on to you.

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#ZZZ061 - 1930s Fuhs Bottling Works Check
Vintage 8 1/2" wide Fuhs Bottling Works checks from the plant in Ottumwa,IA. These are used checks in very good condition. These aren't very common.

#HH172 - Heavy Tin Lithographed Christmas Ruler from Derr Bros. Soda Supplies - Boonville, IN
Vintage 12 1/4" long heavy tin lithographed ruler. These are from around the 1940s and say "Season's Greetings Compliments of Derr Bros." "Drinks for all occasions, jobbers of soda supplies". Pictures a Christmas wreath, candles, and ornaments on a tree. These are unused stock that was found at the Derr Bros. soda plant in Boonville, IN.  Excellent unused condition.

#SOZ093  - Group of 3 Different Royal Crown Cola Coupons
You get all three different for $1.50 (that's 50¢ each). These are old thin cardboard Royal Crown coupons. One is for a free carton of Royal Crown. It mentions the Hollywood stars taste test which means they are from the 1940s. Another is for a free carton of Royal Crown with the purchase of another at the regular price. The third is for Royal Crown Product Par-T-Pack. If offers one quart bottle free with the purchase of another. These are a steal at this price. They came from the estate of friend and famous collector, Bob Secrist.

#SOZ104 - Grapette  Soda Cardboard 6 pack Bottle Carton
Vintage 7 1/4" wide when folded together Grapette 6 bottle carton. Held King Sized bottles. Has patent dates on it. Last one is 1951, but I think these are from the mid to late 1950s. These are unused old factory stock in near perfect condition that we got from a friend who is a long time soda collector.

#SOZ038 -  Vess Soda Mystery Bottle Cap Puzzle Giveaway
Vintage 9" tall advertising giveaway from the Whistle & Vess Beverages plant in St.Louis, Missouri. It was a carton giveaway in the 1950s. When you bought a carton, one of these was stuffed in it. It is a puzzle of 9 pieces that need to be put together in the proper way,so as to have all the bottle caps matched up and 3 accross and 3 down in arrangement. Nice unused condition.

#BC057 -  Group of 105 All Different Soda Caps
You will get 105 all different unused soda caps for $9 (that's less than 9¢ each). Vintage unused soda caps. Almost all are mint or near mint. There may be one or two in every bag that will show more aging. Most are plastic line from the 1970s and 80s. A smaller number are cork lined and some of those go back to the 1950s. Click the picture for a much better view. LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER ON FOREIGN ORDERS.

#SOZ042 -  Dr Pepper Win a Delivery Cycle Bottle Hanger
Vintage 5 1/2" tall Dr Pepper "Win a delivery Cycle" bottle hanger contest entry form. This was from a 1969 Dr Pepper promotion. Nice unused old plant stock.

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