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#CS348 - Full Box of Duco Cement with Nice Illustrations
Vintage 6" long box contains a tube of Duco Cement. Marked "Dupont Duco Cement Wilmington, Deleware". The box has illustrations on three side of model airplanes, dolls, shoes, pottery, china and other items you could repair with it. We found these in the remote storage area of a store in northern Ohio. They are circa 1950 and in great shape. The tube inside is dried up and not in great shape.

#CC317 - Coca Cola Coupon from Pharmacy Picturing Sprite Boy
Vintage 4 1/2" wide colorful Coke coupon picturing the Sprite Boy and a glass of Coke. These are unused old stock from around 1950. The front says "Have a Coke FREE when this card is presented at our fountain. You'll be glad you did" "Family Pharmacy 200 Dudley St., Roxbury" "Garrison 79651". The pharmacy was in Massachusetts. There is more info on the reverse which you can read in the larger image. Click the picture to see the larger more detailed image. Unused old stock in excellent condition.

#PC100 - Super Colorful Peanut Shoppes Bag
Vintage 8 1/2" tall paper bag with inner glassine lining. These are very brightly colored and nice. Pictures a clown pointing to the name "Peanut Shoppes". This was a national chain back in the 1950s when these bags were made. They say "Roasted Daily Always Fresh Imported and Domestic Nut Meats" "Peanut Shoppes in all the Principal Cities of the U.S.A.". These are old store stock in excellent unused condition. The paper is very slightly wavy. That is the way they were made.

#SIGN167 - Diecut Diner Paper Sign Picturing and Ham Sandwich and Glass of Beer
Vintage diecut paper signs that were made in the 1950s for use in diners. 9 1/2" tall paper sign pictures a glass of beer and a ham sandwich on a plate. They are old stock found in Pennsylvania. We had been on the trail of these for a couple of years. One of our customers tipped us off to the location. Thanks Norman. These were printed in 1951. They were found at a distributor still in their shipping boxes dated 1953. These have the look and are about as 1950s as you can get.

#BEADS0699 - Large Translucent Crysophase Scarab (Beetle) Cabochon
Vintage 20 mm long translucent Crysophase (Green Stone) glass Egyptian Scarab design Cabochon. These were made in Japan around the 1950s. Excellent never seen the light of day unused condition.

#MS273 - Battery Operated Priscilla Nite Lamp in Original Box
Vintage 4" brass "Nite Lamp" in original box. Boxes are marked "Lindell Products Corp. 10 East 40 St., NY 16" "1952 L. P. C.". They are from the early 1950s and are battery operated. I don't believe they work any more. I took one apart and found a primitive small battery in it that I'm sure died a long time ago. I wouldn't recommend taking them apart. These would be great for doll houses or a display of old store stock, as they slide out in a sleeve that makes a nice display as you can see in the picture. We found them in an unopened case. The cardboard shows minor typical aging. The lamps inside are perfect. Some have clearance price stickers on the bottom where you can't see them.

#TY628 - Imitation Butter Gag Toy - Japan
Vintage 4 1/2" tall header bag with fake butter. Says "Imitation Butter for Party Fun" "A Fun Provoker at the Table". Brightly colored entertaining header pictures of a guy having trouble with the butter. They are from the 1950s. Unsold old store stock in excellent condition. We recently uncovered these in an old warehouse in northern Ohio.

#ZLC350 - Cribb Yams Sweet Potatoes Crate Label - As low as 50¢ each
(Click the picture to see a large detailed image) Vintage 11" wide circa 1950 Cribb Yams Sweet Potatoes crate label.  CReally nice picture of a child sitting up in a crib. Nice colors. Good framer.  Marked "Troy H. Cribb & Sons, Inc. Spartanburg, S. C. Distributors" which is where they were found. These are unused old stock in pretty much perfect condition.



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#BEADS0692 - Display Card with Contraption for Restringing Bead Neclaces - Japan
Vintage 4 1/4" tall display card picturing a vintage lady wearing a necklace. Has 72 inches of nylon cord and a metal clasp on it.  Says "For restringing Bead Necklaces" "Nylon Bead Cord" "After all beads or pearls are strung, draw cord through clasp ring and back through about four pearls or beads and tie invisible knot". Back says "Made in Japan". These are unsold old store stock from the late 1950s we found in an old store up in the northeast. They had never seen the light of day. They are in excellent condition. Click on the image to see a larger picture with more detail.

#BEADS695 - Long 29mm Cobalt Blue Matrix Glass Cabochon - As low as 25¢ each
Vintage very long oblong 29mm (1.1") long cobalt blue matrix glass cabochon. The back is flat and ground glass. Packages were marked "Made in Japan". Excellent, never seen the light of day condition. Found in original packages from the 1950s.


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#CC311 - Coca Cola Napkin Featuring the Sprite Boy
Vintage 6 1/2" square Coca Cola napkin. These are old plant stock from around 1950 in excellent unused condition. They say "Drink Coca Cola" "Good with Food". Uncommon.

#DC158 - Uncommon Commemorative 1776 Signing of the Declaration of Independence Milk Bottle Cap
Vintage 33mm (1.3") diameter cap from the 1950s commemorating the 1776 signing of The Declaration of Independence. Pictures the Liberty Bell and says "1776 The Declaration of Independence was Adopted by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia". These aren't real common, and are rare in perfect condition like this.  Most you will find have rust. These have none. Excellent unused condition. These came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist, who had one of the best milk bottle cap collections in the country.

#TY631 - Pair of Carded Tin Sheriff and Special Police Badges - Made in Japan
You get the pair for $3.50 (that's $1.75 each). Vintage 2 1/4" tall embossed tin sheriff badges on display cards. Marked "Made in Japan". One is diecut in a star shape and says "Deputy Sheriff". The other is diecut in a badge shape and says "Special Police". They have sharp pins in the back, so be careful.  These are old 1950s stock that we got from a friend who is retiring. Excellent unused old store stock. The cards have minor typical waviness.

#BEADS0702 - Full Bag of 72 Made in Japan Glass Flower Cameos
You get 72 for $7 (that's less than 10¢ each). Vintage 15mm diameter flat back glass cameos. They picture flowers in color. They are japanese and from around the 1950s. We found these in original bags of 72. A few of the bags were broken, but we repacked them. All are in perfect condition. Unsold old stock from an old store up in the northeast. Excellent unused condition. Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image.

#SIGN168 - Very Large Chocolate Ice Cream Sign

Vintage very large 20" wide paper Chocolate Ice Cream Sign. Nice detailed picture of a big dish of chocolate ice cream. They say "Big Ice Cream Buy" and have a space to write the price of a half gallon. We found these with the soda diecuts that were made in 1951. They are really nice. Excellent unused condition.


#TY633 - Scottie Dog Vending Toy
Vintage 1" wide hard plastic Scottie dog vending machine toy. Unsold stock from the 1950s. We recently found these in remote storage in a warehouse in northern Ohio. Colors vary.

#CC312 - Coca Cola Sign of Good Taste Menu Sheet
Vintage 8" tall Coca Cola menu sheet. These were given away by the bottlers to restaurants and such to use to post their daily menus. Nice shape and not a real common one. They say "Coca Cola Sign of Good Taste" "Menu". 1950s.

#TY629 - Auto and Hat Fake Nail Gag - Japan
Vintage 5" wide package contains a thick metal nail with flat end with a small point on it. You stuck the point in something and it looked like there was a thick nail embedded in whatever you stuck it in. Says "Auto and Hat Nail" "Plant this nail in the tire of someone's car. They'll be all set to fix a flat!" "Nail a hat or coat fast to the wall etc. A great fun maker" "Made in Japan". The fake nail is heavy duty and surprisingly well made. Circa 1950 or earlier. These are the old paper packages they used before plastic bags. This is the first we have seen of these in many years. Unsold old stock we found in the remote storage area of a store in Northern, Ohio.

#ZLC349 - Horse Creek Vegetable Crate Label
(Click the picture to see a large detailed image) Vintage 8" wide 1950s vegetable crate strip label.  Colorful picture of a mare and colt. Marked "Horse Creek Brand Vegetables" "Zolfo Vegetable Cooperative" "Zolfo Springs, Florida". These are unused old stock in great condition.

#DC162 - Large Vanderzicht Dairy Milk Bottle Cap with Cows - Whitinsville, MA
Vintage large 58mm diameter milk cap from around 1950 from the Vanderzicht Dairy in Whitinsville, MA.  It pictures a farm with cows in the field. Says "Vanderzicht Dairy Milk Pasteurized Homogenized Clarified Whitinsville, MASS.". These are unused and in excellent condition. These came from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist, who had one of the best milk bottle cap collections in the country.

Displaying 1 - 20 of 421 
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