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#CIR027 - Carson & Barnes Circus Lithograph Pass Ticket
Vintage 4 1/24" wide complimentary ticket to the Carson & Barnes Wild Animal Circus from the late 1950s. These are paper tickets that were given away free if you signed a contract to let them put a sign in your yard or business window. Nice elephant and lion image.

These came from a fellow whose job it was to run ahead of the circus to prime the town they were going to. He would put up signs in yards in exchange for tickets. Give tickets to the local stores to sell, and take proofs to the local newspapers. He did this from about 1958 till 1962 for several circuses. This paper and a lot of other stuff we bought came from leftovers in his garage.

#MS217 Made in Japan Blown Glass Animal
You get one for $1.50. Vintage well made blown glass animal. We found these in a large rotting master carton marked "Made in Japan" at a long closed toy store in Columbus, Ohio. They had been stored in the basement from a previous business. They are all wrapped in tissue and are in amazing condition. I took a picture of a couple of them for perspective.  Sizes and animal types vary widely.  They are anywhere from an inch to over 2 inches in length. We are going to leave them all in the tissue.  I just took a few out randomly for a picture.  So, it's potluck (no special requests).  You may get a fish or a dog and the sizes will vary.  Since they are handmade and handblown, no two are alike. These are circa 1950.

#TY525 - String Wound Heavy Wooden Top with Metal Tip
Vintage 2 1/4" tall hard well made heavy wooden top. These must have been hand spun on a machine because the diameters vary a lot. The metal tips are heavy duty and they are wound with thick string.  These were meant to last. Unsold old store stock in excellent condition. Circa 1950. (limit one on foreign orders as these are very heavy).

#ZZCE041 - Stock Certificate from the American Bank Note Company
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12 1/2" wide stock certificate from the American Bank Note Company. All are dated in the 1950s. Very nice Eagle image. They have been used and have cancellation marks on them, but are in well preserved condition.

#PC085 - Fresh Roasted Peanut Bag Picturing a Monkey and Circus Tent
7 1/4" tall vintage circa 1950s fresh roasted peanut bag picturing a monkey and a circus tent. Unused stock in excellent condition with colorful graphics. Less common one.

#ZLS146 - Hasper Orange Soda Label with Dutch Kid
Vintage 4" wide Hasper Orange Soda bottle label. Marked Unused old stock from Lack's Bottling Co. in Muskegon, Michigan and marked as such. Circa 1950. These are uncommon and in excellent condition. Nice image of a Dutch boy pointing at the Hasper logo.

#BEADS0415 - One Dozen Various Colored Faceted Transparent Navettes
(You get 12 for $1). Vintage large 18mm tall transparent faceted navette cabochons. Colors will be mixed like the ones in the picture. We found several large packets of these marked Made in Czechoslovakia in an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950s. Excellent unused condition.

#CS306 - Large Morning Fresh Egg Box
Vintage large 12" square box that was made to contain 3 dozen eggs. Nice graphics of a chicken chef on the front saying "A Better Way to Start Your Day", and a breakfast setting with bacon and eggs. These are a local find from just north of here at Valley Farms in Vandalia, Ohio and are marked as such. They were never used and will be shipped folded flat.  Circa 1950. Excellent condition.

#BEADS0416 - Amber Glass Scarab Cabochon
Vintage 13mm tall glass scarab (Egyptian) cabochon. Beautiful clear amber glass with a lot of detail. We found these in an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950s. Excellent unused condition. You could make all sorts of interesting jewelry with these.

#ZLBE074 - Cook's Goldblume Beer Label
Vintage 4 1/2" wide Cook's Goldblume Beer label. These have some gilding and are marked "Premium Draught Beer 7 3/4 Gallon" "Evansville, Ind." Circa 1950s. Old unused factory stock in excellent condition.

#BEADS0418 - Irregularly Shaped Rounded Suface Small White Cabachon with Painted Flower Decoration
Vintage 8mm tall white glass cabochon. Irregular shape with flat back. Green and red flower decoration. Unusual. We found these in an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950s. Excellent unused condition.

#BC083 - Group of 10 Cork Lined Diet Dad's Root Beer  Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.20 (that's 12¢ each). Very early cork lined Diet Dad's Root Beer soda caps from the late 1950s. This was one of the first diet soda drinks to be sold nationally. They were found at the Belleville Bottling Company in Belleville, IL and are marked as such around the rim. Excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0401 - Green Glass Shell Sew on Decoration
Vintage 11mm wide green glass shell with a single hole for stringing or sewing on something. These are unsold old stock in excellent condition from around the 1950s. They came from an old store in the Northeast, and are Czech.

#DA058 - Carnation Ice Cream "Betty" Cardboard Paper Doll Cutout
Vintage 11 1/2" tall sturdy cardboard Carnation doll punch out giveaway from the late 1950s. They have a majorette outfit, a prom dress outfit, and an outfit with bobby sox.  There are also accessories like a boyfriend picture, "Betty's Diary", and other items. These were found by a couple of friends of mine many years in an old Carnation plant.  They are in excellent unused condition. My friends left the cases that didn't have the Carnation stamp at the factory where they were later bought by an unscrupulous dealer in the midwest who stamped "Coca Cola" on them.  They are very easy to distinguish. The real ones are all marked Carnation.  The doctored up ones are all marked Coca Cola. These are the real deal and are in excellent unused condition.

#ZZA217 - Complete 20 Card Set StarGazer Exhibit Supply Penny Arcade Fortune Cards
You get the set of 20 for $4 (that's 20¢/card). Vintage complete set of 20 Exhibit Supply StarGazer Penny Arcade fortune cards. Each one is 3 3/8" wide, and tells you about yourself and predict something about your future like "Your married life will be pleasant and happy". These were found in storage in an old arcade in a master box that said StarGazer.  The cards are marked "Exhibit Supply Co., Chicago". Circa 1950s and in excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0404 - Green glass leaves with Bud Glue on Decoration
Vintage 11mm tall glass glue on decoration. It looks like a bud or flame arising from between two leaves. These are unused stock from around the 1950s from a store up in the Northeast. Most likely Czech.

#BEADS0417 - Diamond Shaped Rounded Suface Small Pink Cabachon with Painted Flower Decoration
Vintage 8mm tall pink glass cabochon. Diamond shape with facets on the reverse for mounting. Green and red flower decoration. We found these in an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950s. Excellent unused condition.

#BEADS0399 - Multi Faceted Grey Base Aurora Borealis Finish Bead
Vintage multi sided 6mm long grey aurora borealis finish glass bead. These are from the heyday of the aurora borealis finish when it was very popular in the 1950s. They came from an old store in the Northeast, and are Czech.

#BEADS0414 - Large Teardrop Shaped Smoky Colored Cabochon with White Clouds
Vintage large 18mm tall clear smoky glass foiled back cabochon. It looks like white clouds floating in the smoke. Very unusual. We just found a few at an old warehouse on the east coast. They are circa 1950 or earlier. Excellent unused condition. These are really nice.

#CC264 - Coca Cola Giveaway Booklet with Safety Sue
Vintage 16 page full color 6 3/4" tall Coca Cola booklet. The cover says "Safety Sues Says I Play Safe So Can You". Inside are colorful pages showing safety rules. The booklet is dated 1951 and the drawn pictures are classic from that time period. It pictures the old style stop lights and talks about Sue's brother the patrol boy. It also pictures rag dolls, roller skates and old cars. Very nostalgic The back says "Presented in the Interest of Safety to the Children of our Community by the Coca Cola Bottling Co." It also pictures a Coke bottle and says "Drink Coca Cola in Bottles Pure, Wholesome, and Refreshing" "Tell your parents to keep a few bottles in your icebox at home". These are in sealed envelopes that you have to rip open to get the booklet out. The booklets are in perfect condition. These were in an old Coke plant and were never addressed for mailing. They are unusual and very very nice.

Displaying 1 - 20 of 258 
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