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#CC124- 1950s Coca Cola Route Sheets from the New Albany, MS Plant

Vintage 6 1/2" tall Coca Cola route sheets from the New Albany, MS plant. These are the sheets the drivers used to keep track of sales of Coca Cola and Coolers. They are all dated in the 1950s. Very nice shape for their age. You can't beat our price on these.


#ZZA178 - Complete Set of 10 Different Peerless Weighing Machine Movie Star Cards
Vintage 2 1/8" tall card set from around 1950. These came from a master box that held cards that were to be put in Peerless weighing machines. These were the old weighing machines they used to have at drugstores and other stores. You would put a penny in, and it would read your weight and dispense a card. Some dispensed fortunes. Some movie stars. These are in near perfect unused condition. The set includes Perry Como, Irene Dunne, Dinah Shore, George Montgomery, Lisa Kirk, DIck Powell, Faye Emerson, Eva Gabor, Tony Martin, and Peggy Wood.

#BEADS0187 - Black Hobnail Patterned Cabochon
25¢ each. Vintage 11mm diameter West German hobnail cabachon. These are a matte black color,and are well made. They are from around the 1950s, and have a rim for gluing. They are old stock in unused condition from up in the northeast.

#DA023 - Paper Milk Bottle Carrier
Including the handle, these are a full 13" tall. They fold open and and were made to hold two quart milk bottles. Says "Half Gallon - Enjoy the convenience of two single containers". Neat graphics. Unused dairy stock from the 1950s. Nice condition. We had a bunch of these a lot of years ago and they sold really well at shows when we put them out with a couple of quart milk bottles in them.

#MS078 - American Junior Red Cross Tin Pinback

Vintage 1 1/4" tall pinback. Red, white and blue shield surrounding the Red Cross symbol. Excellent unused condition. Circa 1950s.


#ZZA144 - 12 Different Horoscope Cards with Witches and Black Cats
You get 12 different astrology cards for $6 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage 5 3/8" tall Exhibit Supply Horoscope Reading Cards. These are fantastic and should be a hit with the Halloween collectors and card collectors. They picture a lady fortune teller with black cats, bats, owls, frogs, and witches on brooms printed all over the card. Each one has the same pictures on it, but different horoscope readings. The copyright date is 1925, which is the date the machines that dispensed these for a penny were originally made. The Exhibit Supply Company made them for the machines for many years after. These are very uncommon cards. These are super rare and in near perfect condition.

We have a large lot of Exhibit Supply cards that we found in unopened bricks (you can see a picture of some of the bricks at the top of this department (Trading Card Shop). They are from a closed penny arcade. This is about the only way you would ever be able to find complete sets. The problem still is that there are more of some cards than others, so we can't assemble as many sets as you might think. These cards are uncommon. They are difficult to date because many of the machines were in production in the 1930s and 40s, but Exhibit Supply made cards for many of them all the way up to the early 1970s. The tale end stuff generally used lighter colored cardboard backing and printing on the bricks was stamped. The older ones have separate printed labels. So, we are using that info and the aging on the brick wrappers to estimate dates. The arcade must have bought the bricks of these during different time periods. Some are the light backs and some are the darker backs. We'll call it circa 1950s as some of these bricks are really old.


#CH230 - Ken Maynard Western Postcard
Vintage 5 1/2" tall postcard of Ken Maynard in a western movie. These came from a collector who hoarded them a long time ago. They are from around the 1950s, are in near perfect condition and are marked "Western Art Post Card Co.". There is a spot on the reverse for a stamp. These are very uncommon and we are very pleased to have found them for you. Ken Maynard was a famous cowboy in the movies from the time of the silent movies into the 1940s.

#BEADS0135 - Sew on Glass Heart with Hole in Center - Pick Your Color
Vintage 12mm tall heart shaped glass sew on piece. You could put two back to back to make a complete heart or sew them on things as decoration. They are in perfect unused condition and were made around the 1950s. Uncommon.

This was part of a large find of old beads and stones and the like from the Northeast. Some of this stuff is really amazing and interesting. We are pricing it all at a very substantial discount to what it goes for on Ebay or Etsy.

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#SOZ011 - Hires Root Beer Black Cow Bottle Hanger
Vintage 10 1/2" tall colorful bottle hanger says "Try a Real Black Cow It's Moovelous Just add vanilla ice cream to glass of ice cold HIRES Root Beer". These are from around the mid to late 1950s when black cows were popular. I remember asking mom to make them. Old soda plant stock. This root beer advertising is getting hard to find and Hire's items like this are very tough.

#CH246 - Red Goose Shoe Napkin
Vintage circa 1950 7" tall Red Goose Shoe Napkin.  Says "Red Goose Shoes" "Half the fun of having feet". Colorful and uncommon. Nice unused old store stock in great condition. These are getting very hard to come by.

#CIR003 - Early Circus Hall of Fame Brochure
Vintage 9" tall 6 page full color brochure. Great vintage pictures of people from the era at the park. These are from around the time of the opening in 1956 and are in near perfect unused condition. 

Here's the story. These came from a fellow whose job it was to run ahead of the circus to prime the town they were going to. He would put up signs in yards. Give tickets to the local stores to sell, and take proofs to the local newspapers. He did this from about 1958 till 1962 for several circuses. These are something he picked up back in the day.

#TY389 - Tin Pill Puzzle with Lithographed Indian Chief - Japan
Vintage 1 3/4" tall tin lithographed pill puzzle with Indian Chief. Has metal balls in it you tried to roll in the eyes. These are solid tin with thin plastic fronts. There is a lot of detail. We found these in rice paper boxes marked Japan. They are from the 1950s. They came from a long closed store that specialized in toys, sewing items, and novelties.

#TY404 - Wooden Top in Original Package
Vintage 2 3/4" tall wooden top with metal tip. Painted red, white, and blue, and in the original package. The string is in there too with a wooden disc to hold between your fingers. The header is marked "Japan". Old store stock in unused condition from the 1950s. These are rare in this condition.

#MS064 - Shrine Circus Pinback
Vintage 1950's Shrine Circus Pinback. 1 3/4" in diameter and in excellent condition. I found these in an old novelty place in Rochester, NY that was closing down. They had sat in dry storage since the 1950s and are in excellent condition.

#TM038 - Group of 2 Viceroy Cigarettes Front Cover Striker Match Packs
You get 2 for $1 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage full packs of front cover striker Viceroy Cigarette matches. The inside says "Viceroy the taste that's right! Not too strong! Not too light!". Excellent unused condition. This is a great price on these.

#ZZA112 Exhibit Supply Playing Card Cowboy Card (price is per card)
This is an unbelievable find. We are going to sell these one card at a time. We have 12 complete sets of 64 Exhibit Supply Cowboy Playing Cards including the Western Aces. We have never seen a complete set for sale anywhere. Who knows what it would go for. So, we are going to sell the cards one at a time. If you order 64, you will get the complete set of 64 different. If you order 10, you will get 10 different. The retail prices on these start at around $6 card, but some like the John Wayne card are much scarcer and go for a lot more money. We are just going to count them out in order. Who knows. Maybe you will get a John Wayne card. They are in old arcade stock from the 1950s in near perfect condition. This kind of stuff almost never comes around. Get it while you can.

#CIR001 - Mystery Magic and Fun Magic Catalog
7 1/2” tall 16 page catalog with ads for all kinds of magic tricks. Neat old stock from the Warwick Press Company in Rhode Island. Paper has a little nice mellowing. Circa 1950.

#TY361 - Nickel Silver Prong Backed Metal Scottie Dogs
Vintage 1" wide circa 1950 nickel silver (alloy of nickel and zinc that looks similar to silver) scottie dog with prongs on the back. These are very detailed and embossed. They were made to put on your hat or purse. Unsold stock from an old store that sold beads and charms up around Chicago. Excellent unused conditio and good quality.

#ZLBE021 - Group of 9 Different Mini Beer Labels
You get 9 for $1.80 (that's 18¢ each). 1 1/2" to 2" wide mini beer labels. All from the 1950s. These are very collectible and hard to find. They were made for salt and pepper mini beer bottles and mini souvenir bottles. There are two different Gettelmans, Canadian Ace, Schmidt, MIller High Life, Goebel, Grain Belt, Fox Head, and Schaefer. You can often find the old mini beer bottle salt and pepper shakers that need a label at garage sales, etc. very inexpensively. We got a really good deal on these so we're passing the savings on to you.

#BEADS0129 - Czech Pink Moonstone Heart Cabochon
Vintage 10mm tall moonstone glass pink heart cabochon. It has a round surface on both sides. This is a great item if you are a vintage crafter. These were made in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s.

This was part of a large find of old beads and stones and the like from the Northeast. Some of this stuff is really amazing and interesting. We are pricing it all at a very substantial discount to what it goes for on Ebay or Etsy.


Displaying 41 - 60 of 256 
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