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We are modern day treasure hunters. Locating and researching old warehouse and store stock is our passion. We work very hard to bring you vintage merchandise at truly wholesale prices. You can buy genuine vintage merchandise here for half or a third of retail without spending money for gas to find it!

Our family has been one of the largest suppliers of genuine vintage smalls to the trade for over 25 years. We guarantee that the items on this site are all genuinely old. They have come out of country stores, soda plants, dimestores, carnival supply houses, toy distributorships, etc. from all over the country. While they may show minor signs of aging, they will be in excellent condition. We spend a lot of time looking for these items and are proud to be able to supply you with them.

We also want you to know that we do not sell any of the items on this site on Ebay, Yahoo, or any other internet auctions as we feel that it would be unfair for us to compete with our customers.  

If you know the whereabouts of any New Old Stock items that you are interested in selling to us, please let us know.

Don and Chris’ Old Stuff
1242 Shawnee Run Drive
Maineville, Ohio
Phone (513) 677-3351

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