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COMPLETE CATALOG (All Antiques / Collectibles)

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Displaying 913 - 936 of 1873 

#TY570 - Miniature Celluloid Toy Elephant
Vintage 1 1/4" long hand painted celluloid elephant charm/toy. Embossed "Japan". These are in an old rice paper box which is from around the late 1940s. Excellent unused condition. We haven't run these in years. They are hard to find.

$1.50 -+

#TY626 - Toy Binoculars in Header Bag
Vintage 2 1/2" wide plastic dimestore toy binoculars with an adjustment wheel. You turned the wheel for distance adjustment. Colors vary. Header bag pictures a kid watching sailboats on the water through them. Unsold old circa 1960 store stock in excellent condition. We recently uncovered these in an old warehouse in northern Ohio.

$2.00 -+

#TY631 - Pair of Carded Tin Sheriff and Special Police Badges - Made in Japan
You get the pair for $3.50 (that's $1.75 each). Vintage 2 1/4" tall embossed tin sheriff badges on display cards. Marked "Made in Japan". One is diecut in a star shape and says "Deputy Sheriff". The other is diecut in a badge shape and says "Special Police". They have sharp pins in the back, so be careful.  These are old 1950s stock that we got from a friend who is retiring. Excellent unused old store stock. The cards have minor typical waviness.

$3.50 -+

#TY642 - Shocking Letter Gag - Made in Japan - As low as $1 each
Click the picture to see a large detailed image. Vintage 5" wide sealed paper envelope says "Shocking Letter" "Shocking Letter Enclosed with Directions" "Made in Japan". Inside it is a small unused envelope with a rubber band powered windup cardboard clown in it. The rubber bands hardened years ago and no longer work. Instructions say "wind up about 20 times fold over and give to your friends". Unsold old 1950s store stock that we recently recovered from a warehouse in Northeast Ohio. Excellent condition. This type of humor harkens back to a time when we were more easily entertained.

$1.50 -+

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#TY783 - Full Color Foil Stamped Unused Ticket for David Copperfield in Russia 1997
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1997 unused ticket for a David Copperfield performance in Russia. They are foil stamped, full color and have good detail. The performances were sold out. This is from a small stack that we found at OTTO (manufacturer) that had never been shipped or therefore used. They bear an OTTO mark on the reverse. These are uncommon and in nice unused condition.

$1.00 -+

#TY788 - Magic Calculator Trick
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5" tall header pack contains cards with number. Pictures a magician and says "Magic Calculator A Baffling and Amazing Trick which will Mystify All Your Friends". Reverse has directions Circa 1960s. They are in perfect condition. We found these in a warehouse up in Northern Ohio.

$0.50 -+

#TY817 - Trick Snake Lighter Gag
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5" tall package contains a life size fake lighter. When you push the lighter part, a snake jumps out. Says "Trick Snake Lighter" "Offer your Lighter and when the Snake Jumps Out Watch the Fun". Circa 1960s. Unused old stock we found in a store way up north. Excellent unused condition.

$1.50 -+

#TY877 - Carded Novelty Keychain
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage display card with very long novelty keychain. Brass colored. The keychain has a clip to put on your belt, and then it dangles a full 18", making quite a statement. Neat circa 1950 novelty item. Excellent unused condition.

$1.50 -+

#TY899 - Early Celluloid and Hard Plastic Hand Painted Swiveling Head Rattle
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large 5 3/8" tall rattle. The hard plastic ball in center has a hand painted face on each. Each side is a different color. The rest is made of thin celluloid. There is a metal post running up through it that the face rolls around on and rattles. These are very early plastic from around 1940. We were surprised to turn these up very recently. They are unusual. Color vary. They were covered in dust for many years, so you will have to wipe them off. Unsold old store stock that was never used.

$4.50 -+

#TY908 - Toy License Plate Sticker in Original Packaging
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. One envelope and one sticker taken out of the envelope are pictured. Vintage 4 1/2" wide illustrated package contains a 3 dimensional license plate sticker. You can't tell by looking at the outside of the package which state is in it. Marked "Copyright 1979 L.I.L.". Unused old stock in excellent condition.

$1.00 -+

#TY929 - Complete Set of 4 Cowboy Flicker Action Rings
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You will get all four different pictured for $6 (that's $1.50 each). Vintage circa 1960 plastic gumball machine toy flicker action rings with a standard gumball ring base (base colors vary). These are scarce, and better quality than your average flicker ring. One pictures a cowboy peaking out of a window ready to draw his gun. Another pictures a cowboy on a bucking bull. The other two are different scenes from a gunfight where both cowboys are drawing and shooting their guns. They all have excellent flicker action. They are unmarked VariVues. Unsold old store stock in excellent condition. They came from a long closed store that specialized in toys, sewing items, and novelties. We have been searching for the 4th one to complete the set for quite awhile. We finally found them.

$6.00 -+

#TZCards290 - 100 Card Starter Deck for The Making of Star Trek The Next Generation
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get a factory sealed in cellophane starter card deck that contains 100 cards. Marked "The Making of Star Trek The Next Generation" "Copyright 1994 Paramount Pictures......" "Skybox". They came from a long closed warehouse in the Chicago area. We uncovered them very recently. Excellent unused condition. NO FOREIGN ORDERS.

$1.50 -+

#ZZStock070 - Builders Investment Group Stock Certificate
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12" wide stock certificate from  "Builders Investment Group". All are dated in the early to mid 1970s. Used stock certificate in great condition. This company was in Florida.

$1.00 -+

#ZZStock100 - Daryl Industries, Inc. Stock Certificate
Click the picture to see a large version of the entire image in detail. Vintage 11 3/4" wide stock certificate says "Daryl Industries, Inc.". The company was headquartered in Miami, FL. They made high quality sliding glass doors and were bought out by Kohler in 2005. Very nice graphics with a woman ancient Greek attire hanging out with a lion. All are from around 1969. Colors and denominations may vary from the picture. Image is identical. These are used stock certificates that are in good used condition. They may have staple marks or some writing on them.

$0.75 -+

#ZZStock104 - West Shore Railroad Company Bond Certificate
Click the picture to see a large version of the entire image in detail. Vintage very large 13 1/2" tall West Shore Railroad Company bond. They are all dated in the 1970s. Nice image of a Greek God head at the top. They may have a fold or pencil mark or the like that you seen on most used certificates, but are in above average condition.

$0.75 -+

##MUSICBP1775 - Battle of the Sexes on Ice OTTO Cloth Guest Pass
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides. This is a 4 1/2" tall guest pass for the Fox Sports Battle of the Sexes on Ice event that was held on Novemeber 8, 1996 at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. They are marked as such. The back is the standard OTTO back. According to Fox, this was a "Sexy sports competition that cast the best male ice skaters against the best female ice skaters. Each skater participated in 2 programs plus a spin and jump competition." The most well know skaters that participated were Nancy Kerrigan, Katarina Witt, Kristi Yamaguchi, Scott Hamilton, and Kurt Browning. These passes are unused old stock in excellent condition.

$1.50 -+

##MUSICBQ0228 - KISS Sweepstakes Scratch Off
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides. Vintage 4" wide KISS Sweepstakes ticket. You scratched off the area in the lower right hand corner (these are already scratched off) to reveal a number. Then you called it in to a phone number on the back to try and win KISS tickets, Tour Jackets, a KISS car, Books, T-shirts, etc. The background pictures the KISS Pyscho Circus album. It says you had to enter by December 1998. Nice shape.

Group/Artist Name: KISS

Origin: 1973 in New York City, New York

Genre: Rock

Tour Name and Date(s): Psycho Circus 1998

Album Sales: 100 Million Plus

Date of Induction to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: 2014

Grammy Awards: Has been nominated 1 time.


$1.00 -+

##MUSICBR0009 - Huge Just the Way You Are Movie Poster
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage (original) whopping 41" tall 1984 Just the Way You Are movie poster featuring Kristy McNichol. Folded, as they all were. Excellent condition.

$2.00 -+

##MUSICGD2066 - Grateful Dead Car Window Tour Sticker/Decal - Roses Coming Out of Skull
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 5 1/2" tall Grateful Dead sticker/decal. This one features a wreath with Bertha Roses coming out of the top of an open skull. These are high quality art decals that were made for car windows. I peeled the cover off for the picture. They are in mint condition and can still be used. 
These Grateful Dead stickers/decals are old tour merchandise. I found them wrapped in plastic in boxes in master cases. They came from a distributor who sold them to tour vendors. The condition is pristine and they still will work as a car decal or window/mirror sticker. We found them packed away in storage boxes dated 1992 (many are older than that) and 1995 (year Jerry Garcia died). They are high quality artist renderings of Grateful Dead themes. Back in the day, the Dead did not monitor copyrights and that sort of thing, and in fact, at one point encouraged artists to do designs. The LA times explained it well “The Grateful Dead was famously lax in enforcing it’s intellectual property rights and trademarks, allowing fans to create their own designs using the band’s expansive iconography”. Since there was no serious monitoring or much concern back then, a lot of up and coming artists got involved in designing them. This is how some of them got their starts. Some of the sticker artists who designed these stickers went on to produce official licensed works for the Grateful Dead and other famous groups. These stickers include some by now famous designers including David Opie, and others. These 1995 and older stickers are very hard to find anymore.

$2.00 -+

#BEADS0033 - Group of 20 Very Large Wooden Multi-Colored Hippie Beads
You will get 20 for $2 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage well made very large wooden beads that were sold as "hippie beads" in the late 60s, early 70s. The sizes, colors, and shapes vary a lot from 1/2" in diameter for the small rounds to 1" square for the cubes. You will get a good mixture of different types and colors. The ones shown are typical. These are classic hippie beads. Very cool. They are unsold old stock from a bead store just north of here. They bought them in 1968 and they were made in America. You never find them in unused condition like this. They are really nice. Two groups of these would make a 24" - 30" necklace.

$2.00 -+

#BEADS0087 - Group of 20 Conglomerate Hippie Beads
7 1/2¢ per bead. Vintage very uncommon conglomerate beads made from concrete and clay. These were very popular Hippie Beads in the 1960s. You rarely see them offered. The sizes vary a lot. The ten pictured are typical and string out to about 3 1/2". They were used to make necklaces on their own in the day and look great that way, but were also used as spacers for large wooden beads like the ones we have listed. These are unsold old store stock that hasn't seen the light of day for over 40 years. These really have the period look to them and are very uncommon.

$1.50 -+

#BEADS0170 - Group of 4 Large Heavy Glass 22mm Black and White Tibetan Dzi Blessings Beads
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You will get 4 for $1 (that's 25¢/bead). Vintage very heavy thick glass 22mm long black and white Dzi five eye beads. The five eye design represented blessings from the five Tibetan Wealth Gods, and were believed to provide the holder with prosperity and affluence. These are the late 1960s hippie era. They were sold in the late 60s from a bead store near the Haight Ashbury area. So, they are at least that old, and I suspect older. The oldest Dzi beads were made of agate. These are glass. They are old handmade lampwork beads. The hippie phenomena dominated the area and the demand for beads was huge. These are the leftovers from that era that were relegated to storage as the fad faded. They are in nice unused condition.


$1.00 -+

#BEADS0271 - Beautiful Transparent Cabachon with Internal Orange and Black Stripes
Vintage transparent glass cabachon with internal orange and black stripes. The look to these is striking. They are is 18mm tall. They are old unsold West German stock from the 1950/60s. The package they were in was marked "Carbuncle Doublets".

This item is from our recent trip. We returned with these and over 100 other items! We found two separate warehouses loaded with beads, cameos, cabochons, charms, and other stuff that went as far back as the early 1900s. We are thrilled to share this stuff with you guys!


$0.25 -+

#BEADS0345 - Vintage Large Faceted Teardrop shaped Transparent Blue Cabochon
Vintage large 20mm tall faceted teardrop shaped cabochon. They are a transparent blue with a beveled surface and large dimple. These are West Germany from the 1950s. They are in excellent unused condition.

$0.25 -+

Displaying 913 - 936 of 1873 
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