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#SIGN241 - Large Cardboard California Grapes Cardboard Sign with Pad of Order Sheets
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large cardboard 13" wide very period looking California Table Grapes sign. It has an order sheet attached for a special deal on a backpack. The people in the picture have a very period look. The order sheets say you have to send them in by Dec. 31, 1977, so these are from 1977. From the basement of an old grocery store in Pennsylvania. These are really nice and there aren't many. Excellent unused condition.


#SP027 - Schaefer Beer Menu
Vintage 10 1/2" tall Schaefer Beer Menu Sheet. It says "America's Oldest Lager Beer. These are unused stock from around the 1950s and very collectible because they are marked New York where Schaefer left in 1976. These are old factory stock in unused condition.


#TOP003 - Scarce Early Stag Tobacco Tag
Vintage 5/8" wide tobacco tag with an embossed stag on it. This is the very old heavily embossed style with no writing on it. I haven't seen many of these around for many years. Circa 1900s. They retail for around $5 in this kind of condition. They are tarnished from age, but in better than average condition for tags from this time period.


#TY059 - Hippie Era Flower Power Hand Painted Gumball Ring
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Price is per ring. Vintage late 1960s hippie era gumball rings with flower power designs. These are hand painted (no two designs are identical) kids vending rings. They are mostly red. If you order several, you may get a green one. The thickness of the rings varies as you can see in the picture. Unsold vending stock from a distributor in the midwest. Excellent unused condition.


#TY256  - Swiss Warbler Bird Call in Illustrated Envelope
Envelope pictures a bird. Says "The Wonderful Double Throat or Swiss Warbler Bird Call”. ”only original bird call and prairie whistle”. You soaked it in water, placed it in your mouth, and "imitated Birds and Beasts”. The envelope is about 3” wide, and the warbler is a 1+” long piece of cloth and tin. These are an early Taiwan version from the 1960’s. Found at Acme Specialty in northern Ohio. This same toy was distributed in boxes of Cracker Jacks at one time (not marked Cracker Jack).


#TY587 - Joke Pencil Gag - Made in Japan - As low as 50¢ each
Vintage 5" wide sealed paper envelope contains what looks like a golf pencil. It's very realistic. The "lead" is made of rubber, and so bends when someone tries to write with it. Says "Joke Pencil". "Looks like a real pencil, but has rubber instead of lead." "Made in Japan". These are the old paper packages they used to use before plastic. Unsold old circa 1950 store stock that we recently recovered from a warehouse in Northeast Ohio. Excellent condition. This type of humor harkens back to a time when we were more easily entertained.


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#TY651 - Rubber Mouse Gag in Package - Made in Japan - As low as 50¢ each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 3 1/2" wide paper packet contains a 1 3/4" long rubber mouse with a pin in the back. You were supposed to set it up or pin it in various places to scare your unsuspecting victim. Says "Made in Japan" "Rubber Mouse Looks Real". These are from the 1950s and reflect the humor of the day. Packages are a rumpled from being in storage all these years, but not bad, and the mice inside are in perfect condition. We found these in remote storage at an old store up in northern Ohio.



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#TY778 - Boxed Magic Trick - Ye Ole Shell Trick
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1 3/4" square box containing the trick. Directions are on the back. Still useful. You can make the magic dot in the shell change colors. They are unused old stock from our favorite toy store in Kentucky. Nice condition.


#ZZA001 - Charlie's Angels Series 1 1977 Card Wrapper
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage Charlie's Angels Series 1 1977 waxed card wrapper. 6" wide. This first series is scarce. Excellent condition (normal fold lines of course). These go for pretty good money on Ebay.


#ZZA169 - Wax Pack of Bingo the Dog Movie Trading Cards
Vintage 1991 pack of Bingo the Dog Movie Trading cards from the movie. Wax packs aren't made any more and have become a very hot collectible. The price is right on these.


#ZZCE005 - Pennsylvania Railroad Company Stock Certificate - Horse Logo
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1950s Pennsylvania Railroad Company stock certificate. Nice shape. Detailed image of horses and an eagle. Nice shape.


#ZZCE018 - Howard Johnson 100 Share Stock Certificate
Vintage 1960/70s Howard Johnson Company stock certificate. These are in nice shape with the normal light aging. Very detailed image as shown in the picture. These are great for resale. Howard Johnson's has shown a resurgence and memorabilia from the 50s and 60s is widely collected.


#ZZCE087 - Very Old The Kennebec and Portland Railroad Company Stock Receipt
Click the picture to see a large version of the entire image in detail. Vintage 11" wide unused document. Says "Kennebec and Portland Railroad Company" "Dollars for Interest on Payment in Stock in said Road, from the date of payments to opening of the Road January 1, 1852". Excellent unused condition.


#ZZCE088 - Very Old The Burlington Silver Mining Company Stock Certificate
Click the picture to see a large version of the entire image in detail. Vintage 12 3/4" wide unused stock certificate. Says "The Burlington Silver Mining Company". These are pretty rare. I have seen a few of that were used and the dates were 1870. Excellent unused condition.


#ZZCE093 - Two Different Very Old Little Miami Railroad Stock Certificates
Click the picture to see a large more detailed image. You get the pair for $4 (that's $2 each). Two different vintage 9 1/8" wide stock certificates from the Little Miami Railroad. They are used and in great condition. One type has a gilded header that says "Capital Stock". The other type has a header that says "Authorized Capital". All are dated between around 1880 and 1890. This is a railroad with historical significance. It ran between Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. One of the main stops was the Peter's Cartridge Company just northeast of Cincinnati in a little town built by the cartridge factory called King's Mills. They were one of the nation's main suppliers of gunpowder and ammunition during the 1st and 2nd World War and used the Little Miami Railroad, which ran right by the building, to transport the munitions. There was even a powder mill there earlier that was a main ammunition supplier for the North during the Civil War. The site of the gunpowder factory is right over the hill from where we live. It is a brewery now. The Little Miami Railroad was officially defunct in 1981. There is a bike trail there where it was.


#ZZZ018 - Unused 1935 America's Exposition Postcard

Vintage postcard from the America's Exposition which was held in San Diego's Balboa Park in 1935-36. This one was from the "Palace of Photography". It has a JS copyright in the corner which stood for John Sirigo who was the photographer. The back has the official emblem of the exposition, other info, a place for a stamp, and a place to write a note. These are unused stock that are in near perfect condition.



#ZZZ037 - Six Different World's Fair Postcards
You get six different for $1.50 (25¢ each). Vintage World's Fair postcards. We have picked these up over the years at several different places. All are in unused condition. The group includes a mixture of the following: 1964/65 New York World's Fair, Expo'74 Spokane World's Fair, and the 1982 Knoxville World's Fair. All are well marked licensed postcards.


#ZZZ070 - Tamarack & Custer Cons. Mining Co. Pay Roll Check
8 3/4" wide Pay Roll check. These are all cashed checks from 1947 that were left after the operation closed. The checks are from Wallace, Idaho.  They are in really nice condition. This was a fairly large long running operation that mined mainly lead, zinc, copper, and gold. They ended up being a large company that bought a lot of other smaller mines. They ended up with 90 claims.  The mines became depleted over time and by 1957, they no longer did mining.  They just leased the rights. These are a nice piece of mining history.


#ZZZ192 - Group of 4 Columbia Plumbing and Heating Letterhead - Old Time Bathroom Pictured
Click the picture to see a large version of the entire image in detail. You get 4 for $1 (that's 25¢ each). Vintage 11" letterhead says "Columbia Pumbing & Heating Co. Buffalo, NY". There is a great image of an old time bathroom on the upper left. Circa late 1940s. They are in excellent unused condition.


#ZZZ198  - Darigold Angeles Cooperative Creamery Placemat with Ferry Schedule
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large 12 1/2" wide paper placemat advertising the famous Darigold Angeles Cooperative Creamery in Port Angeles, Washington.  It lists many points of interest in the area, and also has local ferry schedules for the summer of 1961. We acquired them from the estate of Zane Shaffer who was one of the largest country store dealers on the East Coast. Excellent unused condition.


#BA044 - Pinback from the defunct WFL Jacksonville Express
Vintage 1 3/4" diameter pinbacks from the WFL Jacksonville Express football team. 1970s. Unsold old stock in nice condition. The World Football League was a major operation with big name players, but the overspent and only lasted from 1974 to 1975.


#BA097 - Full Package of Famous Brand Fishing Sinkers (Split Shot)
Vintage 3" tall nicely illustrated package with a fisherman and his pole holding up a string of fish. Packages contain 12 sinkers.  They say "Famous Weschester Lead Split Shot". These are unsold old stock that we just found at Tom's Cigar Store in Hamilton, Ohio. They are about 50 years old and in excellent condition.


#BC045  - Group of 10 A & W Root Beer Soda Caps
Vintage unused A & W Root Beer caps. You get 10 for $1 (that's 10¢ each). These are from around the 1970s and are in excellent unused condition. Found in a bottling plant in Jefferson City, MO. Plastic lined.


#BC103 - Group of 10 Mountain Dew Plastic Lined Soda Caps - Hillbilly Pictured
You get 10 for $1.20 (that's 12¢ each). Vintage Mountain Dew plastic lined twist off soda caps picturing the hillbilly with a jug that says "Mountain Dew" on it. He must have shook it too hard. Shows the cork flying off the jug and blowing a hold through his hat. Unused old stock in great condition found at the Dr. Pepper Bottling plant in Jefferson, NC. These are interesting. This cap was made for Mountain Dew Dewshine which was released in 2015. However, we found these caps in the plant a number of years before that. So, our best guess is that they geared up to start production and the product was halted, then they went ahead with it a few years later.


Displaying 601 - 624 of 1534 
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