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Displaying 121 - 144 of 1984 

#BEADS0150 - Group of 3 Different Colored Large Rare American Glass Beads/Curtain Pulls from the Civil War Era
(You get 3 for $3 - That's $1 each). Early large heavy wound glass American hand made beads. The sizes are very variable ranging from about an inch to over and inch and a quarter. They are glass that was worked on an iron rod. These have the iron residue up the entire opening which was caused by rods used from about 1840 to 1870. The three different will be green, amber, and cobalt (out of light blue). These handmade glass objects were sold as beads and as curtain pulls, and sold by the peck. They are one of the very earliest forms of American lampwork bead. They light up brilliantly with a lot of light behind them. Here's the crazy story of how we found them. We were out looking for hippie beads at a store in California when we found these packed away with a bunch of old hippie stuff. They told us that grandpa had bought them from a store that exclusively sold vintage American glass that went out of business. He bought them because of the large holes and colors, thinking the hippies would like them! It turns out they are real deal mid 1800s blown glass. This is one of the best find we have ever had.

$3.00 -+

#BEADS0553 - 16mm Two Sided Glass Cat Bead  - Halloween Spooky - As Low as 25¢
Vintage 16mm tall, two sided (same dimensional cat on both sided), glass Czech bead that is a detailed black and white spooky looking cat. The bead hole runs diagonally as shown in the picture.  These are old unsold store stock that we picked up on the east coast. They are in perfect condition and the old version from around the 1920/30s. This old version is very uncommon.

$0.35 -+

Buy 1 or more of this item for $0.40 each
Buy 4 or more of this item for $0.25 each

#BGTransport085 - Calling Card/Mini Blotter and Letterhead from a 1930s Ford/Firestone Dealership - Putnam
You get the letterhead and blotter for $1 (that's 50¢ each). Here's something I've never seen before. Standard size 3 1/4" wide calling card that is thick and has a pink blotter backing. It's a calling card mini blotter! They have a four digit phone number and say "E. W. Putnam Ford Parts and Ford repairing a specialty.........." "Peabody, Mass". You will also get an unused 8 1/2" tall letterhead from the same dealership. It has a cartoon at the top and says "You wreck 'em" "Zowie" "We repair just like new" "This is great" "Tired, Tubes, Auto Accessories, Brake Service, and Greasing". They have a 193_ date on them too. These are both in unused condition.  Paper does show minor typical paper aging (colors have darkened a little), but it adds to their charm. We had just a very few unused envelopes out of this place too, and they had a Firestone logo on them.

$1.00 -+

#BGTransport168 - Full Color Dealer Brochure for the 1983 Ford Thunderbird
Click the picture to see a larger, more detailed image of all four pages. Vintage 11" tall 4 page full color glossy dealer brochure for the 1983 Ford Thunderbird with lots of pictures. Excellent unused condition. They came out of an unopened box from a dealership.

$1.00 -+

#BGTransport186 - Group of 4 BP gas station Wonders of the World Giveaway
Click the picture to see a larger image of the front and the back. You get 4 for $3 (that's 75¢ each). Vintage 2-1/2" packet contains a charm/token showing a scene from famous locations around the world. Each packet contains one charm. There are many different ones . The charm/token inside is 1-1/8" tall, and made of thin aluminum. The front pictures the location and the reverse tells about it, and has a number and a 1969 copyright date on it. These were BP advertising giveaways in 1969. Excellent unopened, unused condition.

$3.00 -+

#CC075 - Coca Cola Snowflake Design Free Sample Cup
Both sides pictured. Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1960s waxed Coke sample cup. They are marked "Free Sample" right up the side. They have the Enjoy logo on one side and the Things Go Better on the other. This is a very uncommon variety. I don't think many collectors will have it. 2 1/2" tall. Unused stock from an old Coke plant.

$1.50 -+

#CC396 - 1940s Coca Cola Two Part Ad Card/Coupon with Lady in Apron Bringing Home Coca Cola
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides. Vintage 6 5/8" tall cardboard advertisement for Coke with a coupon attached to the bottom half by a perforation. These were coupons that were mailed out in the 1940s. Nice image of a lady bringing home the groceries holding up a carton of Coca Cola. Says you "Present this card and a deposit of ..... and you got a carton of Coca-Cola free".  Found at the old Coke bottling plant in Frankfort, Indiana. Excellent unused condition.

$2.50 -+

#CC406 - Group of 4 1930s Coca Cola Coupons from Bogalusa, Louisiana
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 4 for $6 (That's $1.50 each). Vintage 2 7/8" wide cardboard coupon for Coca-Cola. Says "This ticket good for the contents of One Bottle of Coca-Cola at your Dealer's" "The Coca-Cola Bottling Company Bogalusa, Louisiana". This older Coke stuff is getting harder to find and these are scarce. They should be good sellers. These were found in an unopened original box at the plant. Excellent unused condition.

$6.00 -+

#CE086 - Set of 30 Different Lone Star 10¢ Flower and Ornamental Seed Packs from the 1950s
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of all of the seed packs in the set. (You get 30 for $12.50 - that's 42¢ each) 31 All different vintage unfilled 4 1/2" tall (with flap closed) 1950s flower and ornamental seed packs from the Lone Star Seed Co. in San Antonio, Texas. These are the oldest group found. They are all marked 10¢. Most were printed in the 1950s, but some of the images are stone lithos that were printed in the 1940s. They printed those in the 1940s, but stamped the prices later.
Please click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Included in the set are 10¢ Blue Ageratum (Imperial), 10¢ Sweet Alyssum (Little Gem), 10¢ Cockscomb (Dwarf Red), 10¢ Gourds (Ornamental), 10¢ Jack Bean (Hyacinth), 10¢ Chrysanthemum (Painted Daisy), 10¢ Linaria (Fairy Bouquet), 10¢ California Poppy (Mixture), 10¢ American Poppy (American Legion), 10¢ Pinks (Wivelsfield), 10¢ Petunia (Blood Red), 10¢ Petunia (Heavenly Blue), 10¢ Nasturitum (Semi-Double Golden) 10¢ Moon Flower (Night Blooming White), 10¢ Vinca (Pink), 10¢ Sweet Pea (Spencer White), 10¢ Sweet Pea (Cuthbertson Blue), 10¢ Sweet Pea (Cuthbertson Mixed), 10¢ Scarlet Runner, 10¢ Zinnia (Lilliput Yellow), 10¢ Zinnia (Double Giant California White), 10¢ Zinnia (Lilliput Orange), 10¢ Zinnia (Double Giant California Yellow), 10¢ Zinnia (Double Giant California Orange), 10¢ Zinnia (Mexican Hybrid Mixed), Marigold (Gigantea Sunset Giant), Portaluca (Jewel Moss Rose), Morning Glory (Rose Marie Double), Castor Bean (Ricinus Mixed), and Larkspur (Double Sky Blue).

$12.50 -+

#CE173 - Set of 30 Different 5¢ and 10¢ Lone Star Fruit and Vegetable Seed Packs from the 1940/50s
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. (You get 30 for $12.50 - that's 42¢ each) 30 All different vintage unfilled 4 1/2" tall (with flap closed) 1940/50s fruit and vegetable seed packs from the Lone Star Seed Co. in San Antonio, Texas. These are the oldest group found. They are all marked 5¢ and 10¢. They were all printed in the 1940/50s or earlier.

Please click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Included in the set are 5¢ Watermelon (Florida Giant), 10¢ Cucumber (West India Gherkins), 10¢ Carrot (Long Orange), 10¢ Okra (Long Green Spineless), 5¢ Radish (Black Spanish), 5¢ Lettuce (Big Boston), 5¢ Carrot (Chantenay), 10¢ Lettuce (Iceberg), 10¢ Pumpkin (Kentucky Field), 10¢ Mustard (Florida Broadleaf), 10¢ Tomato (Earliana), 10¢ Lettuce (New York), 5¢ Cabbage (Chinese Chihili), 5¢ Cucumber (Straight 8), 5¢ Squash (Acorn), 10¢ Lettuce (Prize Head), 10¢ Collards (True Georgia), 10¢ Onion (Sweet Spanish White), 10¢ Turnip (Purple Top), 10¢ Dill, 5¢ Squash (Early White Bush Scallop),10¢ Okra (Long Green), 5¢ Beet (Crosby's Egyptian), 10¢ Parsley (Double Curled), 10¢ Kale (Green Curled Scotch), 10¢ Onion (Sweet Spanish Yellow), 10¢ Squash (Cocozelle, Long Type), 10¢ Melon (Perfection), 10¢ Mustard (Southern Giant Curled), and 10¢ Cantaloupe (Hale's Best).

$12.50 -+

#CH428 - Package of 5 Wonder Woman Tiaras - DC Comics 1977
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Each package has 5 cardboard Wonder Woman Tiaras with elastic straps. The package is marked "Wonder Woman Tiaras" Copyright "DC Comics Inc. 1977". Each individual Tiara also has the 1977 date and licensing info. Also marked "AMSCAN Inc". These are scarce and almost never found in the complete package. They can go for good money. We found these in a store up north where they had never seen the light of day. Excellent unused condition.

$5.00 -+

#CH447 - Mr. Peanut Lapel Pin
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1 1/8" tall plastic Mr. Peanut lapel pin. Circa 1950s. All are brown like the one in the picture. These are uncommon. We found these at the booth of a dealer in Brimfield. He had gotten them from a retired Planters salesman. Excellent unused condition.

$2.00 -+

#CH652.1 - Group of 3 Mr. Swiss Restaurant Napkins - Mr. Swiss Character
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 3 for $1 (that's about 33¢ each). Vintage 4 3/4" tall napkin. These are colorful napkins from the defunct Mr. Swiss fast food chain. They operated in the 1960s, with some locations still around into the 1970s. It was a chain of 200 stores in 38 states in 1968. They were stores with a unique A-frame look, mostly in the center of the country. This is an older logo, likely from the 1960s, and Mr. Swiss memorabilia is very hard to find. They are in excellent unused condition. The edges may have a slight no harm roll from sitting in remote storage all these years.

$1.00 -+

#CS577 - Display Card of 12 Latest Style Hair Clips
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 9 1/2" tall display card with 12 hard plastic hair clips attached. Good graphics. Says "Latest Style Hair Clips Top Styles Top Colors Top Quality".  They are unsold store stock from the 1960s in excellent unused condition.

$10.00 -+

#CS608.1 - MO-KO Malted Milk Display Box - AS IS
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 6 1/2" wide (when assembled) cardboard display box that was made to hold cans of MO-KO malted milk. They are circa 1920, and have phenomenal graphics with pictures on 3 sides, the top, and the flap which it says should be tucked in back of the cans (Making a sign) . The pictures speak for themselves. This is one of the nicest looking display boxes from this time period we have ever seen. 

They are unused old stock, but the cardboard has age marks, and is brittle. There may be a tear here or there too. When assembling, we advise using clear tape to hold the bottom parts together, so they don't break. Shipped folded flat.

$2.00 -+

#HH245 - Group of 4 Translucent Hard Plastic Santa Tree Ornaments
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 4 for $6 (that's $1.50 each). Vintage 3 1/2" tall three dimensional translucent hard plastic Santa ornaments. This version has a loop for hanging on a tree. They are original unused old stock in excellent condition. These have quite the storied history. Back in the 1950/60s, Jerry Pressner (in New York city) made a very large lot of these. Initially, his company sold them two ways. They sold them as toys with a rubber band around the feet and a charm inside (no charm in these), and also as a tree ornament (they have posts they would snap then together with a little glue - a dab from a glue stick still works). They also clipped of the loops of some, glued them together, and sold them as Santa figures. I bought a huge lot in the 1980s, and he told me they were about 20 - 30 years old then. Jerry sold out to Slam Bam Fun not too long after that, and they blister packed them with their logo. They were all unsold old stock. So, I thought they were long gone, but.... I had a large box of the backs in storage and just found a large box of the fronts I had mislabeled, so here they are. We put rubber bands on the feet for illustration purposes only as that is one of the ways they used to sell them.  They will come with loose fronts and backs (no rubber bands) and you can assemble them any way you like.

$6.00 -+

#MISCELLANEOUS393 - Providence Cutlery Co. Mini Keychain Pocket Knife
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 2 1/4" long (when closed) single blade knife with ivory colored handle. They have a keychain loop and are embossed "Providence Cutlery" at the base of the blade. These are unsold old stock from around the 1950s. Not common at all. The last one on Ebay sold for $10. They are dusty and dirty and will need to be cleaned. They are in excellent unused condition under the dirt.

$2.00 -+

#MSPRINT199 - 1910 Victorian Print - Lady with Purple Hyacinths
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1910 (dated) 12 3/4" tall stone lithograph print on thin cardboard featuring a lady with a purple dress and gloves holding a clump of purple hyacinths. Marked "Copyright 1910 The Gray Litho Co. NY."
These have quite a history. They are unused old stock that was originally uncovered in a San Francisco commercial building. They were donated to a museum that wanted to sell them to raise funds for a monument dedicated to Eleanor Roosevelt, but, the museum owner passed away. Now, they are here. Excellent condition. These are incredibly beautiful.

$5.00 -+

#PL054 - Bill Clinton Saxaphone Pin
Vintage 1 1/2" tall gold colored saxaphone pinback that was sold at Bill Clinton rallies. Nice shape. Neat political collectible. These are leftovers that I got from a fellow who sold them at Clinton rallies.

$0.75 -+

#PL174 -  Johnson Humphrey Political Tab
1" tall 1964 Johnson Humphrey tab. These are in nice unused shape. Marked Bastian Brothers.

$0.75 -+

#SIGN192 - Small Tidepoint Oyster Stew Grocery Aisle Sign
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage small 3 1/4" tall thin cardboard sign advertising Tidepoint Oyster Stew. These were grocery aisle marker signs. Colorful picture of a bowl of oyster stew and crackers. Says "Why not try Tidepoint Oyster Stew". Circa 1940s. Unused old stock in excellent condition.

$0.50 -+

#SIGN268.5 - Huge Thick Cardboard 1972 National Model Airplane Championship Sign
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage huge 19 1/2" tall  thick cardboard sign. These are not to be confused with the beer tents. Full color signs with mostly patriotic red, white, and blue colors. They tell the dates (July 24-30, 1972) and location (Naval Station in Glenview, IL). These are unused and in great condition. These are rare and should retail in the $25 range. NO FOREIGN ORDERS ON THIS ONE.

$6.00 -+

#SOZ130 - 1930s Nu Icy Bottling Company Check - Macon, GA
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 8 1/4" used check from the Nu Icy Bottling Co. in Macon Georgie. The are all dated in the late 1930s, and are in unusually good condition for their age. Other than a corner nip here or there, they are in great shape. These were found at the plant.

$1.00 -+

#TY386 - Group of 12 Transfer Picture Books with Indian Chief - Made in Japan
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $6 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage 3 1/2" tall colorfully illustrated "Transfer Picture Book" picturing a very colorful Indian Chief on the cover and marked "Made in Japan". These are from the 1950s, and have 12 decals in them that vary in subject material. They are old store stock in excellent condition, and came from a long closed store that specialized in toys, sewing items, and novelties.

$6.00 -+

Displaying 121 - 144 of 1984 
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