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#MSPRINT199 - 1910 Victorian Print - Lady with Purple Hyacinths
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 1910 (dated) 12 3/4" tall stone lithograph print on thin cardboard featuring a lady with a purple dress and gloves holding a clump of purple hyacinths. Marked "Copyright 1910 The Gray Litho Co. NY."
These have quite a history. They are unused old stock that was originally uncovered in a San Francisco commercial building. They were donated to a museum that wanted to sell them to raise funds for a monument dedicated to Eleanor Roosevelt, but, the museum owner passed away. Now, they are here. Excellent condition. These are incredibly beautiful.

$5.00 -+

#PL054 - Bill Clinton Saxaphone Pin
Vintage 1 1/2" tall gold colored saxaphone pinback that was sold at Bill Clinton rallies. Nice shape. Neat political collectible. These are leftovers that I got from a fellow who sold them at Clinton rallies.

$0.75 -+

#PL174 -  Johnson Humphrey Political Tab
1" tall 1964 Johnson Humphrey tab. These are in nice unused shape. Marked Bastian Brothers.

$0.75 -+

#SIGN192 - Small Tidepoint Oyster Stew Grocery Aisle Sign
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage small 3 1/4" tall thin cardboard sign advertising Tidepoint Oyster Stew. These were grocery aisle marker signs. Colorful picture of a bowl of oyster stew and crackers. Says "Why not try Tidepoint Oyster Stew". Circa 1940s. Unused old stock in excellent condition.

$0.50 -+

#TY045 - Made in Japan Tin Litho Duck Clicker
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage tin litho duck clicker. Marked made in Japan. 2 1/4" tall unsold old toy store stock that sat in storage for many years. Excellent unused condition (back tabs may show typical aging patina. Circa 1960.

$1.50 -+

#TY386 - Group of 12 Transfer Picture Books with Indian Chief - Made in Japan
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $6 (that's 50¢ each). Vintage 3 1/2" tall colorfully illustrated "Transfer Picture Book" picturing a very colorful Indian Chief on the cover and marked "Made in Japan". These are from the 1950s, and have 12 decals in them that vary in subject material. They are old store stock in excellent condition, and came from a long closed store that specialized in toys, sewing items, and novelties.

$6.00 -+

#TY637 - Group of 12 Child's Toy Knives in Sheath
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $12 (that's $1 each). Vintage 3 3/4" wital toy knife in sheath. These are from back in the day when toys were dangerous. Do not let a child play with this. The knife has a hard plastic handle with a dull metal blade. The sheath is plastic with a brass grommet. These are well made. Circa 1960. Nice unused condition. We found these in remote storage of a warehouse in northern Ohio.

$12.00 -+

#TY650 - Group of 3 Different Metal Puzzle Ring Toys (each in their own package) - Japan
You get all three different for $2.00 (that's 67¢ each). Click the picture to see a large detailed image. These are vintage metal puzzles in parchment paper packets marked "Puzzle-Ring" "Made in Japan". They have an illustration of a hand doing the puzzle. Inside is a thick metal wire puzzle. You will get three different puzzle types each in it's own package (The one pictured is a triangle puzzle, the other two are knots and loops). All three come in packages like the one shown with an illustration of the specific type. These were sold in vending capsules, and showed up in Cracker Jack boxes back in the 1950s. They are classic puzzle toys from that time period. The parchment packages are wrinkled up from sitting so long. The toys inside are perfect. We found these in remote storage at an old store up in northern Ohio.

$2.00 -+

#BEADS0180 - Hand Painted Three Dimensional Austrian Hat Button
Vintage 1 + inch wide early plastic hand painted buttons. They have raised details and are very three dimensional in the shape of an Austrian or Swiss hat. The button hole is molded in the back. These are unsold old stock stock in great shape. They were made in Italy in the 1950s.

$0.30 -+

#BEADS0434 - 18mm Davy Crockett Reverse Painted Glass Intaglio - As low as $2 each
Vintage 18mm (.7") reverse painted Davy Crockett intaglio (intaglios are cabochons where the image is incised into the front or back of a flat piece of glass, and then color is applied). They picture a frontiersman in a coon skin cap. The master box had Davy Crockett written on it. Flat back. West German. They are from around 1955 when the Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier Disney movie came out. Near perfect condition.
This is from our latest treasure hunt! From a warehouse of cabachons and beads! All were in original packaging. All are 50 - 90 years old.


$3.00 -+

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#BF169 - Group of 10 Scarce Cork Lined Tru Root Beer Bottle Caps
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 10 for $3.50 (that's 35¢ each). Unused cork lined Tru Root Beer cork lined bottle cap from the Syrup Products Co. in Baltimore, MD and marked as such. Circa 1950. We recently found the only case of these that have ever been found. It is a very rare root beer cap with a great image of a mug on it. They were in dry storage in a sealed box and are in perfect condition. One of the nicest caps you will ever see.

$3.50 -+

#BGTransport029 - Group of 4 Eastern Airlines Kiddie Wings
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 4 for $2 (that's 50¢ each). These are vintage unused stock from around 1960. The older heavy hard plastic type. 2 5/8" wide. These came from a former employee. Eastern Airlines was considered one of the "Big Four" airlines for nearly 50 years till they hit bankrupcy. Excellent unused condition.

$2.00 -+

#BGTransport159 - Chevron Diaper Pin Giveaway
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 4 3/4" tall package contains two diaper pins. The header has the Chevron colors and is marked "Chevron" in the lower right corner. They are also marked "Monica". The diaper pins are marked "Japan". They are unused stock in excellent condition that we recently rescued.

$1.50 -+

#CC053 - Coca Cola Menu Sheet with Bottle and Utensils
Vintage 8" tall menu sheets (top logo on sheets is shown in picture) in unused condition from an old Coke plant in Illinois. This logo was used in 1963 and 1964 and so they are from that time period. Menu sheets were given away by Coke to restaurants. The restaurant would print their menu and set it in a holder on the table. These are unused and not a real common type. Very colorful. Says "Things go better with Coke", "Enjoy Coca Cola" and "Menu" with a chef's hat and utensils.


$0.50 -+

#CC125- Group of 100 1960s Coca Cola Sales Route Sheets from the New Albany, MS Plant

Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 100 for $10 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage 8 1/2" tall Coca Cola route sheets from the New Albany, MS plant. These are the sheets the drivers used to keep track of sales of Coca Cola and Coolers. They are all dated in the early to mid 1960s. They are used and so will have some minor curling and/or edge bites, but they are in very good condition for their age. NO FOREIGN ORDERS.


$10.00 -+

#CC246 - Group of 4 Coke Bottle Hangers - Free Coke with Mr. Pibb Purchase
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get the group of 4 for $1.00 (that's 25¢ each). Vintage 8 1/2" tall bottle hanger you could use to get a "Free Quart of Coke" "When you buy 6 cans of Mr. Pibb" (Mr. Pibb is a Coke product that was developed to compete with Dr. Pepper). These were made for a promotion in 1976. They have a slot on the top to attach to a bottle. These are old unused stock found in a Coke plant in excellent unused condition.

$1.00 -+

#CE008 - Beautiful Gourds 10¢ Seed Pack - Nice Fall/Halloween Item - As low as 75¢ each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage unfilled (empty) Ornamental Mixed Gourds 10¢ seed packet from the Lone Star Seed Co. in San Antonio, Texas. The old stone litho images on the envelopes were probably printed in the 1940s in mass with blanks for prices and descriptions that they stamped later so they could change the prices and details later. Excellent condition.


$1.00 -+

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#CH318 - Group of 4 Licensed Hasbro GI Joe Whistles
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You will get 4 for $3 (that's 75¢ each). Vintage well made metal G.I. Joe whistles that work well. They are marked GI Joe as you can see in the picture and embossed copyright Hasbro 1982. These are unsold old store stock in excellent unused condition that we just found in an old warehouse up in the northeast.

$3.00 -+

#CH326-23  - Lucille Ball Miss Grant Takes Richmond Movie Poster/Broadside
Vintage 13" tall paper movie poster/broadside from the 1949 Lucille Ball and William Holden movie "Miss Grant Takes Richmond". Please click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Back in the day, when a new movie was going to play at the local theatre, there would be a guy who would run around town tacking these things on bulletin boards, telephone poles, fence posts, or anyplace else where they might be seen. Because most were outdoors, few have survived. Some will have small edge tears or roughness, but this is true of all paper movie broadsides, and they can easily be trimmed for framing. Although, a few small imperfections kind of adds to the look with these. Colors vary. We got them from the estate of famous dealer and friend Bob Secrist. He found them in the storage area of an old theatre up in Northeast Ohio.

$6.00 -+

#CH327  - Group of 12 Bozo the Clown Toy Watch Faces
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 12 for $9 (that's 75¢ each). Vintage 1 1/4" tall Bozo the Clown toy watch. Made of thin tin with a plastic face. Reverse is embossed "Japan" in the metal. They are from around 1960 and are in nice shape. There are no straps as you can see in the picture. These were toys and so the dials are not meant to be functional. They are not common and early Bozo items like this are very collectible.

$9.00 -+

#CH390 -  Group of 4 Disney Hand Painted Pencil Toppers - Donald Duck, Mickey, Goofy, and Pinocchio
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get all four different for $4 (that's $1 each). Vintage avg. 1" tall rubbery google eyed pencil toppers with a charm loop (I put them on top of a pencil in the picture so you could see how they work). These are hand painted Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pinocchio. Marked Hong Kong. Circa 1960. Colors vary (no special requests please). Excellent unused condition.

$4.00 -+

#CH406  - 1940s First Run Movie Posters Broadsides - As low as $1.50
These are paper movie posters/broadsides, mostly from the mid 1940s. If you order 20 or less, all will be different. Size varies, up to 12" or more tall. Some are different widths. All of them feature famous movies that ran from about 1939 to 1951, and all have a similar look to the ones pictured. Please note that most of these were first run movies with famous stars. Old unused movie theatre stock. PLEASE NOTE - Many have edge roughness or small edge tears. They can all be trimmed to look great. All of these were found by Bob Secrist at a northern Ohio theatre many years ago. They served the theatre as handouts and broadsides/posters that would announce the latest cowboy movie at the theatre. They would tack them on bulletin boards, telephone poles, fence posts, or anyplace else where they might be seen. Because most were outdoors, few have survived except this large stash that Bob uncovered in the theatre storage area. He was one of the most respected and well known collectors in the country. We got these directly from his estate. They are much scarcer than lobby posters. We have them priced so low because there are a lot of them.  Over time, they will run low, and our prices will increase on them. These are great Americana pieces at silly low prices. Get them at these prices while you can.

$2.00 -+

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#CH431 - Group of 2 Different Mr. T Story Books
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. You get 2 for $7 (that's $3.50 each). You will get two different full color story books. They are dated 1985. They are 8" tall. These are all licensed books with licensing info on the inside. We found these in a store up north where they had never seen the light of day. Excellent unused condition. LIMIT ONE ON FOREIGN ORDERS.

$7.00 -+

#CS536 - Full Package of 144 Fletcher Wicks for Petroleum Oils
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage package of 144 8" long wicks. You get 144 for $14.40 (that's 10¢/wick). The tag on the outside says "Fletcher Wick for Petroleum Oils International Braid Co. Providence, R.I." The wicks are still useful and in great condition. The package is string tied and the wrapping paper is old and brittle with tears. The tags on the end (as you see in the picture) all appear to be in good shape.They are unsold old store stock that we recently rescued. They are from around the 1930s, and are in excellent unused condition.

$14.40 -+

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