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#ZZA215 - Complete Set of 16 Different Exhibit Supply Radio Arcade Cards For Single Men
Vintage complete set of 16 Exhibit Supply Radio Cards for Single Men. These are 1 1/2" tall and picture a girl on the front with a radio message for the man receiving the card of the reverse. The ones pictured are typical. For example, "Mr. Wiseguy: You're not half as wise as you think. Talk less and spend the berries more freely if you want me to warm up". The machines that dispensed these for a penny were only made from 1923 - 1931. Exhibit Supply made these and sold them to the penny arcades that dispensed them. These are a very old version from the 1930s. The ladies pictured are all very period 1920s women. These are very rare and unusual. Complete sets are nearly impossible to find. These were in original bricks marked Exhibit Supply that were found in storage at a penny arcade up in the northeast. Very few collectors will have a complete set of these and we've got them priced right.


#ZZZ063 - Japp's True-to-Nature Toupees for Men Brochure with Prices
Vintage 7 1/2" tall Japp's 1920s Men's Wigs brochure with prices. These are incredible. Here's what they say "The directors in Hollywood Movie Studios brought it about. They insisted that the men who were partially bald must have a full head of hair so as to look youthful. So, these directors demanded a Toupee that could not be detected on screen." "Hence, the new Hollywood Toupee". "Baldness is a handicap to any man both from the standpoint of appearance and health. Toupees make one look 10 years younger and also prevent colds in the head." Japp's was a high end beauty care company that specialized in wigs and hair care products. They catered to wealthy clients. These were found in the building many years ago and were made during the roaring 20s right before the Great Depression. During that time period, people had lots of money to spend, and the prices for these wigs were really high for the time period. You sent them a sample of your hair and a paper drawing of your bald spot to get the color and size right. Hair-Lace Front Toupees were $40. That would be $513.07 in today's dollars!!!!!!!! The building is still here in downtown Cincinnati where these were found and has been converted to a bar that is all about the history of the building. They even have tours down there now. These are the only group of these brochures found.


#CH327  - Bozo the Clown Toy Watch - As low as $1.75 each
Vintage 1 1/4" tall Bozo the Clown toy watch. Made of thin tin with a plastic face. Reverse is embossed "Japan" in the metal. They are from around 1960 and are in nice shape. There are no straps as you can see in the picture. These were toys and so the dials are not meant to be functional. They are not common and early Bozo items like this are very collectible.


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#BEADSC0251 - Pair of Large Brass Pat Boone Pendant/Charms
You get both pieces for $2.50. Both are vintage brass. The one piece is diecut into a heart shape and is 1 7/8" tall. On the one side it has Pat's Boone's picture and signature embossed in the brass witha record and a pair of 50s shoes. The reverse says "Always Your Boy" "Pat Boone" which was his trademark saying. The smaller one is about an inch tall and is embossed "Always Your Boy" "Pat Boone" on one side and has a record embossed on the reverse. The brass shows age patina. This was quite the find. They are from the 1950s. They are in excellent unused condition, but show some minor scratches from getting tossed around over the years. Did you know that Pat Boone had 38 top 40 hits mostly in the late 1950s? Elvis is the only artist who charted more hits during that time!



#CC253 - Coca Cola Dry Server with Clark Gable Look Alike Drinking Coca Cola
Vintage 6 3/4" tall Coca Cola Dry Server with a picture of a Clark Gable look alike drinking a bottle of Coke. Says "Refreshment Right out of the Bottle". These are paper sleeves that were dispensed from old Coke machines. The refrigeration in the old machines made the bottles sweat, so you put the bottle in one of these sleeves to keep them dry. Some people call them bottle bags, but the are really sleeves. Dated 1932. These are in exceptional condition. These are from a huge collection of Coke items a friend had who searched old bottling plants and hauled this stuff out many years ago.


#CH231 - Tex Ritter Western Postcard
Vintage 5 1/2" tall postcard of Tex Ritter in a western movie. These came from a collector who hoarded them a long time ago. They are from around the 1950s, are in near perfect condition and are marked "Western Art Post Card Co.". There is a spot on the reverse for a stamp. These are very uncommon and we are very pleased to have found them for you. Tex Ritter was a famous country singer and cowboy in the movies from the 1930s into the 1960s.


#CH259 - Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls (pair) on a Metal Stem - Japan
You get the pair for $3 ($1.50 each). Vintage 7 1/4" tall including the metal stems. The dolls attached on top are about 2 1/4" tall and made of cloth and rubbery vinyl. Tags on the back say "Made in Japan". There are unused old store stock from around 1960 in excellent unused condition. We found some of these many years ago. They are good sellers.


#CS081 - Glattolin Collar Wax - Full Display
12 vintage full boxes of collar chafing wax in original display box. Great graphics as you can see in the picture. You get all 12 boxes and the display for only $10. Individual boxes are about 1 1/2" Square and contain a bar of the wax and a product advertising brochure. These are nice unused old store stock from around the 1910s. Marked "Made in Germany". Product was rubbed on your starched collar to keep it from chafing your neck.


#SOZ025 - Double Cola Bottle Rider Crayola Crayons Giveaway

Vintage 4 1/4" wide package that hung on a bottle of Double Cola. Says Free Crayola Crayons with your purchase of Double Cola. There are three crayons inside and the back has a bookmark that says Double Cola that you could cut out and color. Unused stock from an old bottling plant in great condition. Circa 1960s.



#ZZA068 - Complete 32 Card Set of Exhibit Supply Blind Date for Women Cards
Vintage complete 32 card set of Exhibit Supply Blind Date cards. This is the version that was meant for females with pictures of guys and silly stories about them. They were originally printed in 1941 (dated) and so have lots of soldiers and those sorts of themes. Like most of their cards, they made these for another ten or twenty years after. This set is becoming nearly impossible to find. We had an unopened brick of the cards we assembled these from and they are pretty much perfect. You won't find a mint set for this kind of price anywhere else.


#ZZA143 - Complete Set of 48 Exhibit Supply Astrology Arcade Cards
You get the complete set of 48 different cards for $24. Vintage 5 3/8" tall Exhibit Supply Astrology Reading Cards. The copyright date is 1925, which is the date the machines that dispensed these for a penny were originally made. The Exhibit Supply Company made them for many years after. With that said, I have never seen a complete set and couldn't find one anywhere on the internet. There are four each of 12 different signs of the zodiac pictured on the cards. All 48 have different dates listed and astrology readings for those dates. These are super rare and in near perfect condition.

We have a large lot of Exhibit Supply cards that we found in unopened bricks (you can see a picture of some of the bricks at the top of this department (Trading Card Shop). They are from a closed penny arcade. This is about the only way you would ever be able to find complete sets. The problem still is that there are more of some cards than others, so we can't assemble as many sets as you might think. These cards are uncommon. They are difficult to date because many of the machines were in production in the 1930s and 40s, but Exhibit Supply made cards for many of them all the way up to the early 1970s. The tale end stuff generally used lighter colored cardboard backing and printing on the bricks was stamped. The older ones have separate printed labels. So, we are using that info and the aging on the brick wrappers to estimate dates. The arcade must have bought the bricks of these during different time periods. Some are the light backs and some are the darker backs. We'll call it circa 1960s, but some may be older than that.



#SIGN160 - Group of 25 Different Diecut Paper Ice Cream/Sundae/Food/Etc. Diner Signs
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. (You get 25 different for $10 - that's only 40¢ each!). These are fantastic. Vintage diecut paper diner signs that were made in the 1950s for use in diners and ice cream/soda shops. The tallest one is 15" tall and sizes vary as you can see in the picture. They are bright and colorful. Includes all sorts of Sundaes, Ice Cream, Sandwiches, Soda, Floats, and pretty much anything you might have ordered at a diner back in the day. They are old stock that we found in Pennsylvania. These were printed in 1951. They were found at a distributor still in their shipping boxes dated 1953. These have the look and are about as 1950s as you can get. Excellent unused condition.


#ZZA126 - Vintage Group of 5 Different Aviation Postcards
You get all 5 different for $4 (that's 80¢ each). Vintage 1950s Exhibit Supply postcards featuring airplanes and jets mostly from the WWII era or a little later. They are identical to the Exhibit arcade cards with jets except they are a thinner cardboad and are marked Post Card on the back with a place for a stamp. These came from an unopened sleeve that only had the 5 different types.


#CC029 - Coca Cola Bottle Redemption Card
Circa 1940 Coca Cola redemption card. 2 3/4" wide. Very thick cardboard. Both sides pictured. Vintage unused old stock from a Coke plant down South.


#CC249 - Coca Cola Paper Label Bottle Brochure for the 75th Anniversary of the Elizabethtown Plant
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 3 3/4" tall 4 page brochure telling the history of the Coca Cola Hutchinson, amber, and paper label bottles. These were made in 1976 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Elizabethtown, KY Coke plant which started in 1901, and are marked as such. It also tells about the special 75th anniversary Coke bottle that they made at Elizabethtown with a paper labels that was an exact replica of the Coca Cola paper label bottle used between 1901 and 1916. It is pictured on the front of the brochure. These came from the Elizabethtown Coke museum when it was shut down and the contents auctioned awhile back. They are very uncommon. I've never seen another one.


#CS284 - Early Dwarf Nasturtium Seed Box
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image of both sides of the box. Vintage 3 1/2" tall cardboard box when folded together. Circa 1910 Dwarf Nasturtium seed box. The sides of the box have fancy victorian decoration and the back tells all about the plants and how to plant the seeds. These are unused old stock in excellent condition and would be fantastic as a part of any country store display.


#HH191 - Huge Diecut Mechanical Valentine with a Cat and Mouse and with Original Envelope
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage huge 9 1/2" tall diecut mechanical valentine with a cat eyeing a mouse. The mouse head swivels on a brass grommet. Nice condition. This is a very striking one and features a black cat. The picture is set against the original envelope which is included.  From a long closed factory that made them in the 1950s. Includes original envelope. Very colorful. These days it will cost you $5 to buy a new good quality oversize card with the envelope like this. These are a real bargain.


#CH246 - Red Goose Shoe Napkin
Vintage circa 1950 7" tall Red Goose Shoe Napkin.  Says "Red Goose Shoes" "Half the fun of having feet". Colorful and uncommon. Nice unused old store stock in great condition. These are getting very hard to come by.


#PL178 -  Montana State Senator Letterhead and Calling Card - L. M. A. Wass
Vintage unused 11" tall letterhead stamped with the official seal of the State of Montana and marked Senator L. M. A. Wass. We will also include a calling card from the senator that was found with the unused letterhead. These are from the 1930s, but look much older. They are very detailed and nice. Very scarce and nice item.


#ZZA111 Complete 16 Card Exhibit Supply Then and Now Female Movie Star Cards
Vintage complete set of "Then and Now" arcade card with female movie stars of the day and their childhood pictures. Circa 1950. The set includes Doris Day, Veronica Lake, Debbie Reynolds, Piper Laurie, Jane Powell, Jane Weyman, Mona Freeman, Shelley Winters, Loretta Young, Virginia Maya, Terry Moore, Kathryn Grayson, Jennifer Jones, Jeanne Crain, Debra Paget, and Yvonne DeCarlo. These came from a closed arcade and were in the original bricks market Exhibit Supply. They are in near perfect condition. Some are "colorized". The complete sets like this are very rare. The individual cards turn up every once in awhile. The common ones retail for around $3, but the scarcer ones go for up to $10.


#CS240 - Carded Bobby Pins with Cleopatra and Pyramids
Vintage 3 1/2" cardboard display card with 6 very large bobby pins. They picture Cleopatra, pyramids, and palm trees. They were made in Italy around the 1920/30s are are marked "Egizia" which is Italian for Egyptian. The cardboard shows typical aging as you would expect. These are unused old store stock.


#HH199 - Large Diecut Mechanical Valentine with Fireman Saving Girl - Original Envelope
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage large 7 1/2" tall diecut mechanical valentine that features a boy fireman rescuing a girl. The fireboy's head swivels on a brass grommet. Nice condition. Very period image. The picture is set against the original envelope which is included.  From a long closed factory that made them in the 1950s. Includes original envelope. Very colorful. These days it will cost you $5 to buy a new good quality oversize card with the envelope like this. These are a real bargain.


#TY025 - Large Tin Toy Friction Police Motorcycle in Original Box
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Large 8" wide vintage friction tin toy police motorcycle. In original box. Both box and motorcycle are marked "Made in Japan" and "Police". Circa 1960s. Unsold stock found at the closed Nomura factory in Japan. Excellent condition. Some very minor waviness on the boxes from being in storage their whole lives and maybe a little bump or indentation (s) on the boxes.


#BEADSC0244 - Copper Plated Windmill Charm with Moving Blades and Charm Loop
Vintage 7/8" tall copper coated steel windmill charm. The blades swivel. These are old store stock from the late 1940s in unused condition. Steel charms with copper plating were mostly made right after WWII when the price of these metals was very cheap. The price escalated rapidly between 1946 and 1950 and almost all of the charm makers went over to plastic. These are U.S. made.


Displaying 49 - 72 of 1539 
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