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#BEADS0609 - Large 27mm Bright Purple Plastic Cabochon
Vintage large 27mm (1.1") square bright purple transparent cabochon. Flat silvered back. Made around the 1960s. We found these in an old warehouse up in the northeast. Click the image to see a large detailed picture.


#BEADS0747 - 18mm Goldstone Flecked Red and White Plastic Cabochon - As Low as 20¢ each
Click the picture to see a larger more detailed image. Vintage 18mm long red and white swirled cabochon with Goldstone flecks. These are early West German plastic from the 1950s and indistinguishable from glass except they are lighter weight. Flat back. Perfect, never seen the light of day condition. We found these on a recent trip to the northeast to a warehouse that has not seen the light of day for many years. 



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#DC017 - Dalee Dairy Concord Grape Drink Cap
Vintage 1 5/8" diameter grape drink caps. Unused old stock. Really great condition with a nice picture of a glass of grape juice.


#SOZ099 - Ski Soda Window Decal
Vintage 8" wide window decal says "Ski 20oz Bottles Now 4 oz free" "Naturally Flavored Citrus Soda". The decals are on a wide piece of paper. You peel them off and get them wet and they will stick to glass. They still work. These are about 25 years old. Excellent unused condition.


#ZZCE060 - Arlen Realty & Development Corp. Stock Certificate
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12" wide stock certificate from "Arlen Realty & Development Corp.". Arlen Realty was one of the very first Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). It was found in 1959  and controlled over 1.7 billion dollars of US real estate assets by just 1975.  They developed the Olympic Towers and merged with CBL in 1978 which is still one of the largest mall REIT owners in the US. These are are dated 1973 or earlier. Used stock certificate in great condition.


#BC022  - Group of 10 Sun Crest Strawberry Soda Bottle Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage unused plastic lined Sun Crest Strawberry soda caps. These are from around the 1970s and are in excellent unused condition. Found in a Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant in Monet, MO.


#BC038  - Group of 10 Fancy Dad's Classic Draft Root Beer Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (That's 10¢ each). Vintage plastic lined very fancy looking Dad's Root Beer caps. Unused condition. These are one of the prettiest bottle caps you'll ever see. They are from the 1980s.


#BC081 - Group of 10 Dodge City Sarsaparilla Cork Lined Soda Caps
You get 10 for $2.50 (that's 25¢ each). Vintage Dodge City cork lined bottle cap. Nice unused condition. Circa 1950s. Found in an old bottling plant in Saugatuck, MI. Nice western image.


#BC115 - Group of 10 Scarce Cork Lined Grapefruit Crush Bottle Caps
Vintage circa 1960s cork lined Grapefruit Crush soda bottle cap. You get 10 for $1.50 (that's 15¢ each).  There never were many of these found and they have become almost impossible for the collectors to fine. Unused old plant stock in nice condition.


#CH086  - Unused 1970s Shoney's Burger Wrapper
Vintage 12" tall unused Shoney's Burger wrappers. Unused 1970s stock found in storage. Great condition. They have the Big Boy name on Big Boy's chest which Shoney's gave up the rights to in 1984.


#ZZCE056 - Harnischfeger Corporation Stock Certificate
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12" wide stock certificate from "Harnischfeger Corporation". These are are dated 1975. Harnischfeger was a very old company that made mining and construction equipment. They are now known as Joy Global.  Used stock certificate in great condition.


#ZZCE073 - Tech-Aerofoam Products, Inc. Stock Certificate
(Click the image to view the full certificate) Vintage 12" wide stock certificate from "Tech-Aerofoam Products, Inc.". They are all dated around 1970 give or take a couple of years. This was one of the first companies to make products using foam back in 1952 in Florida. Used stock certificate in great condition.


##MUSICBG0048 - August 1985 RockBIll Magazine - Cock Robin and A-HA! Cover
Vintage RockBill magazine. This is the August 1985 issue that featured both Cock Robin and A-HA! on the cover. This issue also has stories and gossip about Phil Collins, The Minutemen, Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, and many others. RockBill was a competitor of Rolling Stone magazine from about 1982 till 1988. They covered all the major groups and the magazines are now widely collected. They are 8 3/8" tall and full color throughout. These are unsold old store stock that was never sold or were returned because of bad addresses. They are rarely found in this kind of condition.


#BC021 - Group of 10 Jolt Plastic Lined Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.20 (that's 12¢ each). Plastic lined Jolt Soda caps. Found in a bottling plant in Rochester, NY. They are about 25 years old. Neat collectibles and great for crafters. They are in excellent condition. Fantastic logo.


#BC032 - Group of 10 Havana Cola Plastic Lined Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Plastic lined Havana Cola soda caps. Excellent condition with a neat picture of a guy in a hat. These are not very old, but they are very collectible and great for crafts.


#BC054  - Group of 10 Sun-Rise Grape Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage Sun-rise Grape Soda plastic lined soda caps. Unused,and in nice condition. Found at the Bottling plant in Marshall, MN and marked as such around the rim. Circa 1970s.


#BC082 - Group of 10 Mello Yello Bottle Caps - Green Version - (Coke Product)
You get 10 for $0.80 (that's 8¢ each). Mello Yello plastic lined soda caps. These are the green version and from around 1980. They were found at the Coca Cola plant in Jefferson City, MO and are marked as such around the rim. Excellent unused condition. Mello Yello was introduced in 1979 by Coke to compete with Mountain Dew.


#BC098 - Group of 10 Sunkist Orange Plastic Lined Soda Caps
You get 10 for $1.00 (that's 10¢ each). Vintage bright orange fancy logo Orange Sunkist plastic lined twist off soda caps. Unused old stock in great condition found at the Dr. Pepper Bottling plant in Jefferson, NC. They still use a similar style cap.


#DC147 - Dewan Dairy Pasteurized Chocolate Milk Bottle Cap
Vintage 37mm Dewan Dairy Pasteurized Chocolate Milk bottle cap. Circa 1940s. Dairy was in Oneida, N.Y. and the cap is marked as such. Deco Design. 1 3/8" diameter. Excellent unused condition.



#HH020 - Large Trick Suction Spider
Header shows kid scared by spider. 4 1/2" long vintage rubbery plastic spider you can stick on a window. Great vintage Halloween fun. Old stock from a toy distributor in the northeast. Circa 1960s. Nice condition. Still in original cellophane bags.


#TOP006 - Taylor Bros. Best Tobacco Tag
Vintage 3/4" diameter tin tobacco tag marked Taylor Bros. Best. Taylor Bros. was in Winston-Salem N.C. Circa 1920s. They show typical aging, but are in above average condition.


#BC032 - Group of 10 Big B Imitation Grape Soda Plastic Lined Bottle Caps
You get 10 for $1 (that's 10¢ each). Circa 1970s vintage plastic lined Big B Imitation Grape Bottle cap. Marked "Bottled by the Thomasville Coca Cola Bottling Co." around the rim. Old soda plant stock. These are in perfect condition, not real common, and appeal to Coke collectors too.


#BC068  - Group of 10 Mr. Pibb Soda Bottle Caps - Coca Cola Product - White and Black Version - As low as 5¢ each
Vintage unused plastic lined Mr. Pibb soda caps. These are from around the 1970s and are in excellent unused condition. Found in the Jefferson City Coca Cola Bottling Plant in Jefferson City, MO. Marked Bottled under the authority of the Coca Cola Bottling Company. Mr. Pibb was a regional drink that was introduced by Coca Cola Mr. in 1972 to compete against Dr Pepper. It had a very similar taste, but was sweeter and not as sharp as Dr Pepper. It is still sold in some areas. This black and white version is the least common. LIMIT 10 OF THESE ON FOREIGN ORDERS due to weight.



#BEADS0396 - Small Jade Bead
Vintage small 4mm long round Jade bead. They came from a bead store on the east coast that closed over 30 years ago. Excellent unused condition. They are small, but very pretty.


Displaying 1441 - 1464 of 1502 
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